Santa Fe Stone Creations Crafting Nature's Art in Semi-Precious Stone
stone art inlay project on a harpsicord
The possibilities are endless when it comes to stone work. It may be a color specific fountain or semi-precious stone inlay as part of a larger project - a table top, door or picture frame. The picture on the left is a hand crafted harpsicord. The panel above the keys has been routed to accept inlay. The owner and I have settled on a design featuring malachite boardered with tigerseye. The stone will compliment the deep green base and gold leaf applied to the instrument. The finished product will be stunning. Check back for more photos as this is now in progress. Contact me with your own inspiration.


Art composed of semi precious stone in the form of water fountains, water features, bowls, basins and custom stone inlay by Edward Sagon in Santa Fe, New Mexico