Santa Fe Stone Creations Crafting Nature's Art in Semi-Precious Stone
“When a king reigns it is thanks to the people, when a river sings it is thanks to the stones." - Malagasy. ﷯ Whether it is a mountain stream, ocean waves breaking along a shore, or a slow flowing river - the sound of water interacting with rocks is relaxing and tranquil. The inspiration for my creations developed while relaxing in a hammock, enjoying a cold beverage with an outdoor fountain gurgling in the background. Further inspiration came from college geology texts, where we learned that stones and minerals are ancient storytellers and that water sculpts these stones over millennium. I marveled as a child at this concept when I first viewed it impressively demonstrated at the Grand Canyon. My fountains are a small, intimate representation of what happens in nature when water and stone meet – beauty and music for the soul. Much care has gone into the production of these basins and fountains. The stone for the bowls is selected from sources around the world for its color, texture and its quality to polish beautifully. The fountain centerpieces are selected for beauty, shape and ability to produce a pleasant sound. The finish is produced with diamond abrasives to exacting tolerance. The base of each bowl is sealed with liquid glass to provide strength and a smooth surface so the edges of the stone do not scratch the surface you place it on. The bowls are water sealed at 2 different stages, the final with a Italian sealant that is certified safe for food storage should you wish to use the bowl for serving. Each piece is signed, titled and numbered.


Art composed of semi precious stone in the form of water fountains, water features, bowls, basins and custom stone inlay by Edward Sagon in Santa Fe, New Mexico