Santa Fe Stone Creations Crafting Nature's Art in Semi-Precious Stone
Cost: Basin only: $ 2,300.00 Complete Fountain: $ 2,760.00 "Fire & Ice" Indonisia Moss Agate with Arizona Turquoise Inlay Basin and Colorado Amazonite Fountain


This water fountain and basin reminded me of images of volcanic eruptions in Iceland were molten lava meets water and ice.The contrasting color within this water fountain makes a dramatic display.
Basin measures 14 1/2 " by 4" deep and is composed of over 400 square inches of red moss agate which has been inlayed with turquoise. The free standing 2 part fountain support contains and encloses the water pump. Fountain centerpiece is a Amazonite crystal cluster with a smokey quartz crystal. The water of this fountain is emitted from within the crystal cluster and flows off a inlayed agate plate.
Art composed of semi precious stone in the form of water fountains, water features, bowls, basins and custom stone inlay by Edward Sagon in Santa Fe, New Mexico