Santa Fe Stone Creations Crafting Nature's Art in Semi-Precious Stone
Cost: Complete Fountain: $ 1,895.00 "Dundas" Tasmanian Crocoite Fountain in a Antique Copper Basin
The name Crocoite is derived from krokos, the Greek for “crocus” or “saffron”, due to its color. Crocoite is a rare mineral that was first discovered in Russia and has since only been found in a small number of other locations around the world. It’s most notable occurrence is in the Dundas region on Tasmania’s West Coast, hence the basis for which I named this piece. It is a Lead Chromate that forms from a mineral rich fluid that will only crystallise as crocoite when certain rare conditions are met. The free standing 2 part specimen support contains and encloses the water pump and is composed of complimentary red jasper. I was captivated by the shear beauty of this crystalline mineral and wanted to display it as a fountain. It is considered by many collectors to be one of nature’s most beautiful and spectacular creations. It is highly valued in it’s natural state for it’s bright orange-red colour and intricate crystal formations.


Art composed of semi precious stone in the form of water fountains, water features, bowls, basins and custom stone inlay by Edward Sagon in Santa Fe, New Mexico