Santa Fe Stone Creations Crafting Nature's Art in Semi-Precious Stone
Cost: Basin only: $ 3,400.00 Complete Fountain: $ 3,975.00 "Eye of the Tiger" Tigerseye from South Africa and black Wyoming Onyx with Geode Fountain
Basin measures 14 1/2 " by 4" deep. Composed of 400+ square inches of Tigerseye and black Onyx. The Tigerseye is very chatoyant and the banding varies depending on light and the angle it is viewed from. Free standing fountain support contains and encloses the water pump. Fountain centerpiece is composed of 3 geode segments, offset with the water entering through the top segment and flowing into the lower segments and then the basin. It makes a very soothing sound.


Art composed of semi precious stone in the form of water fountains, water features, bowls, basins and custom stone inlay by Edward Sagon in Santa Fe, New Mexico